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posted Jan 13, 2020, 9:07 PM by IEEE Students Chapter


There will be a IC 555 contest which which will be conducted by IEEE Student Branch,IIIT Bhubaneswar.Student are required to do a interactive project in which the main component will be IC 555.All the Teams will be allotted certain amount of to develop the project.

This Entire Contest is divided into 2 rounds

Pelims Round-

In this round your team need to submit a project on IC 555 within 27th November,2012.

Team need to submit the their project details in PDF format along with any videos, schematics or images which is sufficient enough to prove that their project work.

The teams can submit the thier detail about the project  to the event coordinators  by mailing or by handing over the softcopy though pendrives. 

Out of the total no. of teams, 10 Teams will be selected for final round based on rules listed below and the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the judge panel.

Final Round-

The teams selected for final round will be notified by 2nd December,2012.

In the Final round you need to demostrate your project (the project you submitted in the prelims round) through presentation, videos and schematics which can prove that your project works.


1.All electronics are fair game (including all flavors of the 555/556/558). However, those deemed to not be using the 555 as a major component of their design will be penalized in judging. (i.e. using a microcontroller and only using the 555 for a small part of the application will not be as highly judged as someone using a 555 as the main controller in the design)

2.There are many circuits already out there, but we encourage original circuits AND original application. Don’t copy-paste circuits and don’t copy your peers.

3.You can submit as many times as you’d like but you have to submit separately for each category.

4.Must have sufficient documentation: Choice of video, schematic, images, whatever. You must be able to prove it works somehow and showcase the application. Decision as to whether it works or not is the final discretion of the judges.

5.You agree to let us publish any part of your design o IEEE Student Branch  website, which will likely be republished in other media outlets ofIEEE. This includes schematics, diagrams and any other component you submit to be considered for the contest.

6.All rules, categories and decisions are subject to change at any time. We’ll try our best to keep you updated on any decisions that we make and why we make them.

7.All entries must be submitted by November 27th2012Yeah, it’s quick, but the world moves fast, and it’s motivation to get moving!

8.Team comprises of maximum  2 members.


Each of the categories will have at least one prize in them, though it is possible that each category can have more than one winner and prize.


Use 555’s in a unique way to enhance music, sounds, animation, performances, art pieces, etc.  There will be less focus on unique electrical circuits here and more focus on the inclusion in creative endeavors.


The most complex category will include circuits or projects that include the most obfuscated circuits , most overkill (using the most 555′s in a design) or the most ingenious use of the part outside of specifications.


While big and complex is impressive, sometimes the most well designed circuits are the simplest. Since there are so many existing circuits, this category will require the most development for simple circuits and will be those most scrutinized to prevent copying of existing circuits. However, in this category we’ll also be considering the lowest power (minimal power) and the smallest implementation (minimal space).


This category will be application based. 555′s used in the most useful applications spanning energy, test equipment, mathematical computation or fixing a problem in an ingenious way .

Best in show

Awards in this category will be chosen from all entries and people winning a regular category are still eligible for the best in show category.


Prizes Worth Rs 5000/-

For any queries contact the event coordinators-

Event Coordinators-

Aurojyoti Das                                    Jaysmita Mohanty                                 Mukesh Kumar Zena                         A rajib kumar gupta 

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Mobile No.-9556282422                    Mobile No-9937367235                         Mobile No-9438677466                     Mobile No.- 9437983754