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“AutoBotix”- workshop

posted Jan 13, 2020, 9:02 PM by IEEE Students Chapter
A three days workshop from 13 April,2012 to 15 April,2012  on advanced intelligent Autonomous robot , microcontroller based with multiple sensor for multiple activity.

Workshop Time: 8 hours per day. 
Fees: Rs 1000/- per head.

Ø Faculty from SakRobotix.

Ø Practical Competition based learning style.

Ø Kit distribution for a team for practical.

Ø 100% hands on experience.

Ø Hands on programming with Embedded ‘C’ & ASM

Ø Access to Sak Robotix research Work.

Ø Hands on circuit making experience

Ø Study Material on soft copy.

Ø  Internationally accepted Certificate from Dr.Robot, IET and Sak Robotix.




      Hands On

  Mechanical Design    
  »  Designing of body
  »  Kinematics and Dynamics of Robot

  Electrical Systems
  »  Power Supplies(Electrical and Batteries)
  »  Voltage Regulation
  »  Switches
  »  Relays
  »  Motor Drivers
  »  Linear Drives

  »  DC Geared motors
  »  Stepper Motors
  »  Servo Motors

  Circuit Theory
  »  Working principle of circuits
  »  Sensing & control

  Autonomous Robots
  »  4-D Conditions
  »  Introduction to BEAM robotics
  »  Microcontroller based robots
  »  Introduction to UGV


  Control & Sensing
  »  Sensor basics
  »  Selection Of Sensor
  »  H bridge Motor Driver
  »  Tangential principle Of turning

  Microcontroller selection
  »  Microcontroller basics
  »  Architecture of microcontroller
  »  Interfacing Microcontroller & motors
  »  Programming
  »  Embedded C programming/ALP

  »  Number system
  »  Instruction set & uses

  »  Introduction to Keil compiler

  »  Introduction to Proload
  »  Burning microcontroller through  



  »  Keil   »  Proload

  »  Multisim  »  Pinnacle





Line Tracing with single sensor

Line tracing with single sensor


Line Tracing with Dual Sensor

Line tracing with dual sensor

Obstacle sensing & avoidance

Obstacle avoidance and detection with shortest path finding algorithm.

Grid solving

Grid solving algorithm.

Wall Follower

Wall follower algorithm with mono sensor, Dual sensor & triple sensor.

Advanced line tracing Algorithm

Black Line in white  surface and  white line in black surfaces tracing .

For Registration Contact:
1. Mitali Mishra (Room No. G207)
2. Jaysmita Mohanty (Room No. F003)
3. Subhasish Sahu (Room No. I203)
4. Kiran Kumar Sahoo (Room No. I203)