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AndroID Workshop

posted Jan 13, 2020, 8:58 PM by IEEE Students Chapter

A two days workshop on Android OS & its applications.

Workshop Content:

  What is Android?
  Understanding the Basic of Android OS
  The Framework
  Building Blocks of Android
  Application lifecycle
  Installation of Android Development
  Configuration of Android Development Environment on your Computer
  Making the UI using XML for Android
  What is Java?,Why is Java easy to learn?,Why is java secure?
  Why being platform independent important?
  Java Classes and Objects,Class Methods and Instances,Basic Program of Java
  Compiling the code
  What is the use of Manifest file in Android Development Environment
  Creating the virtual Android device like ANDROID 1.5
  Make A simple Hello" Name" Print Program for Android device
  Make advance Program for Android device
  Debugging the Code
  Making the Android Widgets
  The live demos of Android Development
  Gaming world under Android

Workshop Benefits

 Deliverables to our students after the conduction of workshop
    1. Software toolkit to each participant.
    2. Training Material (eBooks) for each participant.
    3. Authorised Certification from Technogenious Solutions.

 Internship & Funded Research

1. We always look for bright technominds. May be they are sitting in your college, students
with good background will be considered for internship under our experts.
2. We work in team. We work in collaboration. Interns can also expect a funded research
project from Technogenious Solutions.

Technogenious Solutions(Workshop Organiser)

Technogenious Solutions™ is an IIT Roorkee alumnus venture was founded in March 2010 and has been
constantly growing since its inception. We started as a leader in the field of educational robotics,
embedded systems, animation, hacking & website development with the only focus in college level
education. With a passion for robotics and vast experience in various national and international events &
competitions, we thought to expand our domain and now we are increasing our patent counts and also
coming into security and automation domain.
Technogenious Solutions™ has a young and dynamic team with a passion for technical education and
entrepreneurship. The founders and other team members themselves have a wonderful record in their
respective fields. They have many years of varied experience and have participated and won accolades in
various competitions. Since it’s incorporation, Technogenious Solutions™ has been actively backed by
academia and industry alike.

Workshop schedule:

7th - 8th April 2012
6-7 hrs per day
Venue:AG01,IIIT Bhubaneswar

Registration fees : Rs.900 per student